Maximize your hotel revenue

and save time with real-time

price automation

Benefits of work with Woostays

Save hours of valuable time with real-time price automation Woostays will increase your efficiency and save hours of manual work by eliminating any manual tasks related to tactical pricing through automation.

Stay ahead of your competition with future demand insights The powerful insights from future demand data helps Woostays users to detect recovering demand – before it shows on the books, and enables the hotel to be more proactive with their pricing to stay ahead of the competition.

Sell every room at the optimal price The price of different room types independently of each other based on actual demand. With woostays, room prices are being automatically adjusted, whenever demand changes, 24/7, 365 days into the future.

Increase your ADR/ RevPAR index The majority realize an uptick in ADR by more than 10% the first quarter. Woostays customer portfolio shows an average RevPAR index increase of 15-20% after 6-12 months.

Our mission is to achieve the highest occupancy at the best prices in order to maximize the profitability of our resources.

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Why is revenue management important in the hotel industry?

Revenue management is highly important to hoteliers because it allows them to maximize revenues and yields, using smart tech and big data. The main aim is to foresee market demand and react to changes in the market efficiently.

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A beautifully designed planner and a multimedia library to manage everything on any device.

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Fully automated update of all major travel sites: rates, availability, promos, amenities, extras & policies.

Performance Manager

Business insights at your fingertips, easy-to-read graphics, invaluable snapshots and an interactive cleaning dashboard.

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